Family Law

Family Law

I limit my Family Law practice to assisting couples come to an agreement on how they wish to settle their property and financial interests by way of a Form 11 Application for Consent Orders with the appropriate Minute of Consent Orders to give effect to the agreement between the parties.

I can assist couples who wish to settle their property and financial separation by Financial Agreements. Financial Agreements (BFA) set out agreed terms for the division of property in the event of separation and may be made prior to entering into a relationship (married or de facto), during the relationship, or at separation or after divorce (if married).  The 2 main advantages of Financial Agreements are that you create certainty of the outcome (upon separation); and there is no Court involvement and you contract out of the court deciding what is fair and equitable.  The main disadvantage is that no court or any other regulatory body gets to examine the details of the BFA.  The BFA can be drawn up in any way the person doing it deems fit, whether or not it is fair and just to the other person.

I will attend private mediation to sort out the parties differences as and when they arise and if the parties are agreeable to such a process.

With those not familiar with the Family Court process and how to apply for a divorce, I can provide assistance in completing and serving an application for divorce and, where necessary, attend at a divorce hearing.

I do not do any parenting or children’s matters and do not do any litigation in the Family Court.

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