Spent conviction orders

Spent conviction orders

In the event you are convicted of a criminal offence (and depending on whether you get a spent conviction order in the first instance), your conviction will appear on your criminal record.

In WA, when a court is sentencing an offender, Pursuant to Section 45 of the Sentencing Act 1995, it cannot make a spent conviction order unless:

(a) it considers that the offender is unlikely to commit such an offence again; and

(b) having regard to —

(i) the fact that the offence is trivial; or

(ii) the previous good character of the offender

it considers the offender should be relieved immediately of the adverse effect that the conviction might have on the offender.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence and want to know if you can apply for a spent conviction order, let my experience in these matters assist you.

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